How Do I apply Ishimmer lashes?

Check our “How To” section for a step-by-step demonstration on how to apply the lashes.


What are the lashes made from?

All Ishimmer lashes are hand-crafted and hand-tied using 100% premium Silk. The highest form of silk is obtained from cocoons, the protein fibres from the cocoon is extracted and then spun to form silk. The lashes are extremely weightless, have a flexible, soft band, the curl of the lashes lasts longer and the silk blends with your natural lashes. Ishimmer lashes are cruelty free and are not tested on animals or made from animal hair.


How many times can you reuse a pair of eyelashes?

Ishimmer lashes are reusable and can be worn up to 10 times (if applied gently and well maintained). The individual lashes are for a single application, however, if using good quality lash extension glue, they can last up to two weeks.


How do you properly maintain Ishimmer lashes?

Treating the lashes delicately will increase the lifetime and the reusability. When removing the lashes, hold by the base and pull the glue off gently with a pair of tweezers.  Apply a small amount of makeup remover on a q-tip and run along the strip to remove excess makeup. Keep your lashes safe by storing them in their original box, the tray is designed to keep the lashes in a curve, to stay in the natural eye shape bend.


What glue do you recommend using with the lashes? 

I usually use DUO it’s never irritated my eyes (this is different for every person). The glue comes in a black, white and transparent glue colour. However, I sometimes use glues that are paraben free. Maybe down the line we can have a glue of our own.


Are there any makeup or eye products you suggest avoiding when wearing Ishimmer lashes?

No, the lashes are extremely safe and for women of all ages. Just make sure you use the right glue, one that does not irritate your eyes as glue itself can affect the whole experience of wearing our eyelashes.


What makes Ishimmer lashes different from other brands on the market? 

  • Ishimmer produces high quality lashes that look flattering on all eye shapes.
  • The lashes are carefully hand-crafted, hand-tied and are carefully measured hair by hair to give you the most comfortable wear, which is why so many celebrities choose Ishimmer.
  • They last all day long without feeling heavy or causing irritation.
  • Ishimmer are unique in that they have invisible or thin bands, making them exceptionally flexible and they are incredibly lightweight and natural.


Do the strip lashes come in one size?

Every style is designed to fit the shape of your eye. You can cut them and adjust to fit accordingly. Ishimmer lashes are different because the band immediately curves to the shape of your eye and blends in with your natural lashes. Every single lash looks different on every person, even if it’s the same style. It’s like having your own custom-made lashes.


Can I apply Mascara on to the lashes?

You can definitely apply mascara to your lashes, although this is optional. The mascara gives an added dramatic effect and blends your natural lashes with the false ones. To blend the lashes for a more natural effect, after having applied the lashes and mascara, use a disposable mascara wand to brush.


Can I sleep with my lashes on?

Our lashes are made of high quality material so can be slept in. It is down to personal preference if you wish to.


Can I shower with my lashes on? 

You can shower with your lashes on if you have "waterproof" eyelash adhesive applied, however, water can loosen the glue.


Is the packaging recyclable?

After relaunching and rebranding Ishimmer, I have changed the packaging from 95% to10% plastic. The lash and curler boxes are now made from paper with the lash trays being the only plastic components in the product.