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Re Defining False Eyelashes

The Re-launch of Ishimmer Lashes is the shift from Mink Lashes to Silk Lashes. Mink Lashes are known to provide the extra lightness because of its fine hairs, after months of back and forth I was successfully able to reach the weight of our previous Mink Lashes but now in 100% Premium Silk Lashes. Ishimmer Lashes goes Green.

Why was it a struggle to switch to SILK? Silk Lashes are generally known to be thicker than the Mink Lashes.

Our previous Mink lashes are known to be extremely lightweight worn by women of all ages and especially for women with sensitive eyes and women on the go. why? because you actually don't feel the lashes on, they won't irritate your eyes no matter how long you had them on.

But guess what? That is still our QUALITY - with SILK - Mind Blowing...We were able to design 100% Silk Lashes that weighs exactly the same as our mink lashes and provide the same natural effortless look.