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Joury Strip Lashes
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Joury Strip Lashes UK
  • The Extraordinary one.

    Transforming style with full volume style, high impact, lustrous lashes that frame the eye and achieve instant drama. To stay in a comfortable place, or take a leap of faith and follow your intuition? I found myself at this crossroad when working at my corporate job. My heart wasn't in the right place, but I knew where to find it and that was developing Ishimmer.

    Wear this lash when you are faced with life changing decisions. It will help you find the right path.

  • Curled to fall naturally between your lashes, the beautifully fluffy Joury Lashes widen the eyes and enhance the outer corners for a dramatic, seductive look.


  • VOLUME | Full Drama
    Lightweight Eyelashes

    CURL | Glamour
    Stackable Eyelashes
    Redefining False Eyelashes with Ishimmer. 

    All Ishimmer lashes are lightweight, stackable, reusable and mould to fit your unique eye shape.

    • Synthetic Silk Fiber.
    • 100% Hypoallergenic
    • Our brand stands for quality, cruelty free, animal free, ethical lashes, sustainable and eco friendly packaging.
Joury Strip Lashes
Joury Lash guide
Joury Strip Lashes UK