The City Pre-Cut Lashes


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strip lashes
Full Curl Lashes
strip lashes
    • The Bold one.

      For the moments you need to step outside your comfort zone and embrace change, this full curl, pre cut lash style frames the eye, adding the perfect style to your custom lash look.



      Designed with precision for a natural lash look, from beginners to pros. From short – long length lashes. Play. Step out of the comfort zone and create your own unique style of lashes. Can be used as a cluster lash, a half lash and a full lash. Blends seamlessly with your natural lashes The City Lashes, provide power.

    • VOLUME | Impact
      Soft Lash

      CURL | Full
      Sustainable Lashes

      • Synthetic Silk Fiber.
      • 100% Hypoallergenic.
      • Our brand stands for quality, cruelty free, animal free, ethical lashes, sustainable and eco friendly packaging.
      • Redefining False Eyelashes with Ishimmer. All Ishimmer lashes are lightweight, stackable, reusable and mould to fit your unique eye shape.
Virtual Try on: No Filter Added or Makeup Added for the try on. We intentionally want it to look as real as it could be without makeup. They are almost identical to how they are. Minimalist Lashes.
Please note: Buildable Lashes, the try on shows more than 2 placed in the middle and outer corner of the eyes. You can create your own look.
strip lashes
Full Curl Lashes
strip lashes