Al Maha Lashes


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Elegant Strip Lashes
eyelash curler
Al Maha False Lashes
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    This elegant, refined and high impact lash style is named after the Bedouin symbol of beauty - the Arabian Oryx (Jordan's national animal), No matter where in the world I am, this lash always reminds me of my true roots, heritage and family traditions.

    Wear this lash to remember who you truly are when you feel a little lost.

    For an everyday natural glam, the Al Maha are the most realistic looking lashes; as they mimic the overlapping pattern of your natural lash. 
    Fun Fact: Looks 75% more dramatic in the box than on the eyes. Why? Criss cross weaves fall in between your natural lashes. 

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    Lightweight False Eyelashes

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    Redefining False Eyelashes with Ishimmer. 

    All Ishimmer lashes are lightweight, stackable, reusable and mould to fit your unique eye shape.

    • Synthetic Silk Fiber.
    • 100% Hypoallergenic.
    • Our brand stands for quality, cruelty free, animal free, ethical lashes, sustainable and eco friendly packaging.
Elegant Strip Lashes
eyelash curler
Al Maha False Lashes