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Lightweight Reusable Lashes
La Belle Strip Lashes
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  • The Natural one.

    Inspired by understated beauty, empowering all women to embrace their inner confidence, accept their individuality and strive for their dreams. As a woman, I am inspired and empowered by other women, to be the best version of myself. Women of all ages, races and cultures are beautiful. We all have flaws, but that's what makes us who we are. That's what I admire, that's what drives me.

    Wear this lash to enhance your natural beauty and you will find your inner confidence to be the woman you always strive to be.

  • La Belle Lashes naturally enhance the density along the outer edge of the eye. Blending naturally with your own eyelashes, these are the perfect pair for beginners or for achieving a beautifully natural look. 

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    Soft Lash

    CURL | Natural
    Sustainable Lashes
    Redefining False Eyelashes with Ishimmer. 

    All Ishimmer lashes are lightweight, stackable, reusable and mould to fit your unique eye shape.

    • Synthetic Silk Fiber.
    • 100% Hypoallergenic.
    • Our brand stands for quality, cruelty free, animal free, ethical lashes, sustainable and eco friendly packaging.
Virtual Try on: No Filter Added or Makeup Added for the try on. We intentionally want it to look as real as it could be without makeup. They are almost identical to how they are. Minimalist Lashes.

Virtual Lash Try on
Lightweight Reusable Lashes
La Belle Strip Lashes