Jourdan Dunn - Cluster Lashes

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  • Knot Free Flare Cluster Lashes
  • Synthetic Lash Clusters 
  • 60 Lash Clusters per Tray
  • Length sizes of thick short/ medium 10 mm. 
  • Combine different lengths for the best beautiful look!

Cluster lashes are clumps of lashes bound together in a "v" shape.

#ishimmer team put our most effort to design thick cluster lashes that are incredibly light weight and extremely high in quality
1- Last up to several weeks (depending on glue)💫
2- An eyelash curler can be used on them✨
3- Thick cluster lashes so you can apply only a few for a natural eyelash look.✨
4- Thick cluster lashes to achieve the ultimate drama eyelash look. ⚡️
5- Makes your eyes appear lifted⚡️
6- Perfect for women who have sparse or short lashes. 💫⚡️

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