Ishimmer Lashes


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Curlash -  

  • Fits every eye-shape 
  • Lifts and combs your lashes 🦋
  • You have the option of removing the comb and just use the curler as is. 
  • Removes any residue when brushing🦄
  • Defines your eye-shape based on how you curl your lashes.🦋
  • Curls each lash separately.🦄
  • Magical effect when lashes are wet. (After swimming shower etc). 🦋
  • To be used before applying mascara.🦄
  • You may use it after applying ishimmer lashes on; but without adding too much pressure. 
  • Dotted handles to ensure a tighter grip. 


P.s Eyelashes are the one feature you shouldn’t neglect when doing your makeup. 🦋🦄



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