Ishimmer Lashes

Angel °11

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This lash is designed with layers of hair resulting in the ultimate natural looking volume, they are carefully designed by our team to mimic your eye shape and your lashes to add thickness to give the full lashes look. These lashes only enhance your natural looking lashes, as if you got the lash lift or subtle lash extensions. Perfect for photoshoots and day glam.  It is the closest lash for the no makeup - makeup look, or just flaunting your lashes with a bold lipstick. You can never go wrong with Angel lashes.

The super light weight lash, adds fullness and thickness to your lashes, while maintaining the natural look in a 3D effect.

Ishimmer 3D lashes can be worn up to 18 times (when handled delicately and with care), the shape and lash curve won't change. It is suggested that Mascara is applied before applying the lash for a longer L.A.S.H cycle. 

Feather light feel lashes, with a cotton thread band that barely shows on the eyelid and makes it super easy to apply. Ishimmer lashes are carefully designed by us to cater to your needs. Heavy lashes, heavy lids no more. 

The lashes are 100% authentic mink hair, certified 100% cruelty free and are hypoallergenic (contain no chemicals / and or dyes and are fully sterilized) to ensure safety. 

(All Lashes are Handmade and Hand-tied. Lightweight/ Reusable / Stack-able). 



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