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Diala Makki x Ishimmer

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It's not just any collaboration; we came together to deliver something different, something easy for women today, we appreciate time and with this box, time is not an issue.

We came up with a box that makes it easier for you. This box contains two pairs of lashes with two different styles. 

Lash 1 (3D Mink Lashes -Full Strip Lash - Designed to provide fullness to the outer edges of the eye, completing the look with a sexy flirty cat eye look. The lash is designed to be weightless, it gives out the perfect balance between natural and a sexy look). 

Lash 2 (Mink Lashes - Half Cut Lash - Designed to be customized by you. Play with the lash, it can be placed towards the outer corners of the eye, middle of the eye whatever you want those lashes to look like. You create it) 

Main Concept - Here's the cooler part, we specifically designed the lashes to be lightest than ever, so you can place Lash 1 - and when in need to add more drama to your look, you place Lash 2 above Lash 1 - towards the outer corner of the eye, for the sexiest cat eye effect yet. 

Believe it or not... You still won't feel them on. So Stack em UP!! 


Ishimmer lashes can be worn up to 16 times (when handled delicately and with care), the shape and lash curve won't change. It is suggested that Mascara is applied before applying the lash for a longer L.A.S.H cycle. 

Feather light feel lashes, with a cotton thread band that barely shows on the eyelid and makes it super easy to apply. Ishimmer lashes are carefully designed by us to cater to your needs. Heavy lashes, heavy lids no more. 

The lashes are 100% authentic mink hair, certified 100% cruelty free and are hypoallergenic (contain no dyes and are fully sterilized) to ensure safety. 

(All Lashes are Handmade and Hand-tied. Lightweight/ Reusable / Stack-able).


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